Goodbye 2021

Similarly to 2020, the past year was no ordinary either. However, we got the opportunity to form the research group, and there are plenty of open problems to work on! We’ll start the next year with some interesting results on split matroids, so stay tuned! See you in 2022!

Success at the Scientific Students’ Associations Conference

The Scientific Students’ Associations Conference, that looks back on a history of six decades, is organized in every academic year. The conference provides a great opportunity for talented young students to introduce themselves and to present their research to a wide audience. Last Friday, several junior members of the research group gave talks at this…

Popular assignments at SODA

Tamás Király and his co-authors (Kavitha, Matuschke, Schlotter and Schmidt-Kraepelin) considered the popular assignment problem, a generalization of the well-studied popular matching problem. Their paper titled The popular assignment problem: when cardinality is more important than popularity has been accepted to SODA 2022. Congratulations!

We are expanding

We are happy to announce that Gergely Csáji, Máté Simon, and Sára Hanna Tóth are joining us until Aug 31, 2022. Gergely is working together with Tamás Király on generalizations of the stable assignment problem, while Máté and Sára are investigating various graph optimization problems under the supervision of Péter Madarasi, who is also joining…

Drafting workshop in discrete mathematics and probability

Several postdoc positions are available in Budapest in various research groups in discrete mathematics and probability theory. To make the application process more efficient and joyful, we are organizing a drafting workshop for young researchers interested in these positions, with the dates Jan 31 – Feb 3, 2022, at the Rényi Institute. The application due…